So, I am fairly new to the linux world, but currently have just enough knowledge to break stuff. Right now my issue is I can't get a high definition, 16x9 resolution to safe my life. Ideally I'd like to see 1080p, but I would settle for 720p. Using Ubuntu 11.10, I have a NVidia GT430 graphics card with the NVidia drivers loaded. It is connected to a Panasonic D4000 projector via DVI-D.

When I enter NVidia Xserver settings I am given a pile of resolution options, starting at 320x175 all the way up to 1400x1050 (still not as high as the card should be capable of). However, the only 16x9 option is 960x450, and I'd really love to at least have 720. So, given that problem I powered up the old Google machine, and it found me a lot of information about xorg.conf. Sounds like the general idea is the xorg doesnt know what resolutions my projector likes. Trouble is, all that info seems a bit outdated, and a lot of the old commands flat out refuse to run. If anyone has any information, I'd be thrilled to hear some thoughts.