I'm trying to install 11.10 64bit for powerpc using the "minimal" live cd install. I'm running a 1.8GHz G5 dual CPU with a 80 gb hdd (16gb free space) and nvidia fx5200 graphics card.

For some reason, I can't hold down "C" or any other key combination in order to start up from a cd, so I am forced to start from open firmware and do it that way. Ok, fair enough... I managed to get it started that way, and the text-based installer was pretty straightforward and easy to use. I set a few configuration options, and everything was going well until it came to the point when it said "starting up the partitioner". Below the progress bar it said "scanning disks", and got to 48% before stopping. While the partitioner was starting up, the fans ramped up to full power and stayed there.

I hoped this was just a fluke, so I rebooted the computer and started again. The EXACT same thing happened again-- it got to 48% for scanning the disks, and then stopped.

I also tried using the install onlyonvid (or whatever it's called ) in the hope that it would avoid the same problem, but no... it did the same thing again.

I've been searching for an answer but so far I'm stumped. Does anybody have any ideas? Or any similar experiences?