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Thread: First boot of Ubuntu, menus are off screen

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    First boot of Ubuntu, menus are off screen


    I've installed ubuntu on a pen drive and I'm booting it to try it out. However, when it boots, the screen resolution is incorrect and the menus are beyond the edges of the screen.

    It's probably just a simple case of trying different screen resolutions to find one that displays correctly, but I can't browse the menus to find settings if I can't see the menus.

    I'm surprised this isn't a well documented problem as this has happened to me with every version of ubuntu for the past 4 years. I've googled "ubuntu menus appear off screen" for answers but have failed to find any. I can't believe it's just me.

    The problem could be fixed with a settings icon in the middle of the screen that opened a dialog that stayed away from the borders of the screen. Once a working resolution is found, the settings icon could be removed.

    If someone could tell me where the screen settings are within the menu system I could attempt to select it even if it's off screen.

    Or perhaps there's a key stroke that brings up a prompt that would allow me to type video setting commands?

    I'd be grateful for any solution that doesn't involve being able to see the edges of the screen.

    Thanks Ubuntu community!

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    Re: First boot of Ubuntu, menus are off screen

    Is it the grub menu or after booting?

    Resetting an out‐of‐range resolution (does not include grub's set gfxmode=640x480)
    Repair grub's video mode and other settings
    For more info on UEFI boot install & repair - Regularly Updated :
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