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Thread: Compizconfig, pls help!!!

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    Unhappy Compizconfig, pls help!!!

    Hi there, another newbie to ubuntu 11.10 here. Im trying to customise my desktop with compizconfig and nothing works. Changing any of the options on compizconfig has absolutely no effect. The youtube vids shows people doing it with ease, but im pulling my hair cos all i want to do is move the annoying panel on the left to the bottom and auto hide it. What do i need to do to make the compiz configurations take effect? Im running unity 3d as far as i understand (it says unity and not unity 2d on the drop down menu when i log in). My laptop has an ATI sticker on it but i dunno exacally which graphics card is inside. Please help before I look for a more customizable OS to download, thank you!

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    Re: Compizconfig, pls help!!!

    If you do not like using Unity you can always revert to the "classic" gnome desktop have a look at this thread:

    Or there is the MATE desktop environment which can be found here:

    Alternatively just hang on for 4 weeks and get the new 12.04LTS release of Ubuntu.

    Hope this is of some help to you.

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    Re: Compizconfig, pls help!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by lookslikeadam View Post
    ... annoying panel on the left ... Please help before I look for a more customizable OS to download, thank you!
    Just a tip: wordings and threats like that don't really make people over here too eager to help you.

    Regardless of that, please check out these:

    • "Additional Drivers"


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