I have a Toshiba a205-s4577 laptop that freezes when I plug in the AC Power cord. This is a popular blunder by Toshiba that can be remedied by changing certain parts in the hardware. But I remedy this in Windows 7 by going into Safe Mode then

Control Panel > Device Manager > Processors and disable both of them.

What I am disabling is the processor driver actually thus preventing the processor from going into C or P states. The problem is, whenever the processor goes in power management or downclocks, the system freezes and shows colorful horizontal or vertical lines.

I wanted to try out Ubuntu 11.10 and I don't know how to do this in this new OS.

P.S. I've just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and I have no idea on it. I want to move to this new OS and be done with Windows. Can anyone help me on this?