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Thread: how to reset kmix settings?

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    how to reset kmix settings?

    I completely bonked my KMIX settings for Kubuntu apparently because now sound doens't work for either my headphones or laptop speakers. Does anyone know how to completely reset everything?

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    Re: how to reset kmix settings?

    I'm not sure it will help, but try deleting its settings.
    $ rm ~/.kde/share/config/kmix*
    $ rm -rf ~/.kde/share/apps/kmix
    Then log out and back in.

    You may also want to install the PulseAudio Volume Control tool; it's ugly as sin in KDE, but it's a good tool to fall back upon if kmix fails you.

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    Re: how to reset kmix settings?

    oh. that would have been smarter. i just completely removed .kde l.

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    Re: how to reset kmix settings?

    Also check "System Settings > Multimedia > Phonon" to make sure you have the right defaults for inputs and outputs.


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