Hi All,
I recently got an applet called sensors-applet working to show, among other things, my CPU temperature. The temperature actually come from libsensors.
This works fine until I return from standby after which it reports the temperature to be around 60C (idle). This is about double what it should be (its liquid cooled).

Couple of things to mention:

  1. The standby is the type where the computer shuts off power to everything that's not required to keep it alive, I think its called S3(STR)
  2. I'm running Ubuntu 11.04 (Gnome GUI)
  3. None of the other temperature readings are affected though they don't come from libsensors.
  4. I have a Pentium D which is a dual core. Is it some how adding the temperatures of both?
  5. If I hibernate or restart the system it reports the temperature correctly again.
  6. If I standby the system multiple times it stays at double.
  7. It appears to be offset rather than wrong, aka if I load the CPU it rises by the expected amount.

Any help or thoughts are appreciated

Thanks in advance!