Three weeks ago, I posted about the keyring manager coming onscreen after the boot time login. It did not happen with every boot, only sporadically. That post is:

The keyring box could be dismissed or I could re-enter my p/w. Nothing was broken, but this extra asking for the p/w.

I preface the following by saying I regularly use the XFCE session.

Today, I powered up the 'puter. When the boot screen came up, I was in Guest Session or Other, not the default user, me. I did not notice this at that moment and input my password. Once the p/w was accepted, the screen offered me an Xbuntu session. And a option to configure the panel. I was confused, but figured "no biggy" yesterdays software update may be the reason.

Now things are a big mess. I cannot log in a my user. Only as guest. I'm currently online in a guest session in -well I'm having to guess- an Xbuntu session. I cannot log-out and log-in as me-user, only as guest. I cannot launch Google Chrome (browser). I have no Evolution email and Thunderbird acts like it's a first time user and wants to set up an account.

I've re-booted, logged in and out, etc. I cannot be the default user, me, which, to the 'puter is known as: mark.

When I first noticed the keyring problem I netsearched for someone with a similar problem. I eventually narrowed it down to less than a pageful of citations. The only one similar to mine had no solutions. Go Figure!

Any help greatly appreciated.

Stuck in Low Gear (as in XBuntu and not XFCE) -