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Thread: Dell XPS 13 ultrabook compatibility

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    Re: Dell XPS 13 ultrabook compatibility

    about the windows uninstall

    I bought an XPS 13 in a best-buy store in Boston, US. I repartitioned the hard drive to install an ubuntu 12.04 from a pen drive.I had no trouble doing it.

    BUT I had to change the equipment because of a glitch in the screen, and the people at best buy insisted that in order to receive the equipment the boot sector should be exactly the way they gave it to me.

    That is, they wouldn't accept the machine booting with grub.

    I hope that when sputnik releases, with ubuntu support, these problems should be solved. If not, just keep a backup copy of the whole drive just the way it comes when you buy it, just in case.

    (Once I got back home, hey offered me support in Argentina for 2 years for an extra U$S 200.)

    On the other hand, I bought an i5 with 128 SSD and 4GB memory. I would recommend upgrading it to 256 GB SSD, and if you are working with heavy stuff (which is not your case) adding another 4GB ram woudln't be bad either

    BTW, The ultrabook works wonderfully great with ubuntu.
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