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Thread: Adobe Reader menus are black

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    Red face Adobe Reader menus are black

    Running Ubuntu 11.10 on a Thinkpad T43.

    I'm trying to do something I thought would be simple. Rotate a PDF file 90 degrees.

    I went through the installer, and installed a few different options Nothing seemed to work. I was not able to open the PDF file, rotate it, and save it. Any file I saved still showed the page on its side.

    So I found the Adobe Reader debian packages here:

    I was able to install the package, and it seems to run, but all of the main menus along the top are black. And none of the keyboard commands I would expect to be there work. So I'm not able to save the rotated file.

    First, is there a .deb package for Adobe 10?

    Second, has anyone else dealt with this on Adobe Reader 9.4.7?

    Still working on this. Found instructions here:

    And I'm trying them out.


    Ok, that solved the menus. Now let's see if I can save a copy of this document right side up.
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