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Thread: KDE Update Breaks System

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    KDE Update Breaks System

    Had a weird problem yesterday when I tried to update my system through the Muon Package Manager. It tried to install a bunch of kde 4.8 updates and ended up uninstalling plasma-desktop. As near as I could figure out the problem was unmet dependencies and was fixed by enabling the kubuntu backports ppa and running a dist-upgrade. Not sure what is going on here, but I wanted to share the problem and solution in case anyone else runs into a similar problem.

    Also, if you have plasma-widget-icon-tasks installed from the gnumdk ppa it will break the update to KDE 4.8. Bug report and solution to the problem can be found here,

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    Re: KDE Update Breaks System

    This bug has been around for AGES. I've been using a Mac primarily but I still use Kubuntu on an old system. I just tried upgrading that system yesterday from 12.04 to 12.10 and it removed critical packages without reinstalling them. This happened to me with something like Kubuntu 10! This is almost a reason to switch to a different distro.

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