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Thread: Any idea why Kolourpaint 4 keeps crashing?

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    Any idea why Kolourpaint 4 keeps crashing?

    This problem has been bugging me for some time now, and so far, this is the closest to an answer I could find: (Post #30)

    I really didn't like versions 4.x that much to begin with, but every time I "click too fast" or "click too long", the darn thing crashes my X server! It's really irritating, because I love Kolourpaint and use it a lot, not just for pixel art; so every time it freaks out, I lose half an hour of progress! >_>' Nearly punched a wall last time, and this is coming from a fairly bug-tolerant guy.

    Reverting to version 3.5 from the official debian package repos didn't help either. (Because it isn't available from the Ubuntu repositories anymore, wtf.) While it's more stable than version 4, and less cluttered, it still crashes when I least expect it to! I didn't have suffer from this type of issue in Hardy Heron at all, so why now?

    tl;dr, is there any kind of solution to this? I don't care how "dirty" it might seem, I just want a stable version of Kolourpaint to run, because it won't matter what graphics chipset you have or which distribution your running, version 4 is too flippant for accomplishing anything demanding total seriousness.

    And before you mention, no, I despise MSPaint with a passion, or at least Windows 7's version of the paint tool. It changed the behavior of way too many tools for me to use it efficiently.

    It's not the new interface that bugs me, just the downright stupid way the tools work now. For instance, why should I have to click 200+ pixels away from a line before I start on a new one? A case of "too many chefs", if you ask me; i.e poor design all across the board. There is a way to install Vista's MSPaint over 7's, but I'm in no mood to deal with a BSOD if it all went awry, or if the "dirty" tutorial was full of BS to begin with.
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