I'm running a persistent live xubuntu 10.10 on a usb flash drive. Two of the computers that I use it on are laptops with defective left-click mouse buttons, all of the other computers that I use it on have properly-functioning left-click mouse buttons.
I've had no trouble easily switching the left- and right-click mouse buttons in ubuntu 10.10, however I can't seem to find a simple way to switch them in xubuntu 10.10. I've read a few posts explaining rather involved methods of switching the buttons, though these methods don't seem practical for me as I'd need to repeat them every time I switch machines.
Does anyone out there know of a settings modification or application capable of a relatively quick switching of the mouse buttons? Any help would be appreciated, even if that help is simply 'it's not possible'.
Otherwise, I love the portability of the persistent usb xubuntu, a perfect solution to many problems.