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Thread: Partly white screen

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    Partly white screen

    Randomly my ubuntu machine give me a partly white screen like shown in this youtube video i have made:

    Here is my HW details:
    sudo lshw -C video
            description: VGA compatible controller
            product: GT218 [ION]
            vendor: nVidia Corporation
            physical id: 0
            bus info: pci@0000:04:00.0
            version: a2
            width: 64 bits
            clock: 33MHz
            capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom
            configuration: driver=nouveau latency=0
            resources: irq:16 memory:fd000000-fdffffff memory:d0000000-dfffffff memory:ce000000-cfffffff ioport:ec00(size=128) memory:feb00000-feb7ffff
    I'm runing ubuntu 11.10

    Anybody who has seen this also, and know what to do?

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    Re: Partly white screen

    I see that you are using the Nouveau video driver for your Nvidia GT218. It is commendable that you have choosen to use an opensource driver and not the proprietary driver from Nvidia.

    I have the Nvidia GT 220 and I am using the Nvidia 295.20 driver which came with a recent update.

    I suggest that you go to Additional Drivers and activate the Nvidia proprietary driver. You may find that this solves the problem.

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    Re: Partly white screen

    Thanks, i have installed the driver, and hope that works.

    It hasn't crashed yet

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