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Thread: help with jackaudio, pleeeease?

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    help with jackaudio, pleeeease?

    so i installed the whole ubuntu studio pack and notice most of the apps use/want/depend on jackaudio...
    some jack software had been installed too, and i installed some more.

    (sorry for being unprecise here, i just don't remember anymore but will provide a list if someone would look into my problem)

    (also i realise there's loads of articles about exactly this, i checked out about 3 of them and followed the steps, but still...)

    after realising that jack is working i uninstalled pulseaudio.
    now i'm having a very hard time trying to set all this up properly.
    basically, running one audio app works, but when i try to run another one (at the same time or after closing the first) it usually returns an error message "no audio device found or busy" - something like that.
    also some apps don't seem to support jack, like my beloved shell-fm
    but i heard there's workarounds but again, how...

    alsa is still working but seems to have suffered???

    all help appreciated.

    i'm running xubuntu 11.10 and have replaced the kernel with the newest (3.2.x) with rt-patch. no problems there.

    my hardware is old, so i'm trying to save or make best possible use of my resources.

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    Re: help with jackaudio, pleeeease?

    not sure what i did, but after a while jack started working properly.
    qjackctl is definitely helpful, almost mandatory if you're no command line god.
    there's articles in ubuntu help about how to set it up.

    about shell-fm: there's a workaround: use an external player (e.g mplayer) for output. see man shell-fm.

    mocp still doesn't work properly, though it does support jack - i have to connect it manually every time. mayb i get that solved, too.

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