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Thread: Acer 3515 CPU fan Flash Player conflict

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    Acer 3515 CPU fan Flash Player conflict

    I'm a total newb ok?

    I've been battling the CPU fan issue with this laptop since around 9.04 ish with random success and subsequent failure.
    Last night, I wiped the HD completely and installed 10.04LTS and the fan worked right from boot splash on up.
    I installed Flash Aid plugin for FireFox and it switched the fan off immediately upon FireFox restart. I rebooted the laptop and there was no movement from the fan from power up to splash to log on. It was completely inop.
    I ran some commands that I don't understand as per Google search: ls-temp modprobe sensors-detect sensors lm-sensors fancontrol and some others.
    I was able to get an Error: Can't read configuration file in regards to lm-temp and fancontrol.

    I do have the fan working now.
    I typed "temperature" into the software center search box and installed a bunch of random hardware temp related packages, including a Dell utilities package.
    I rebooted it and something I did fixed the fan as it works like it did before I installed the Flash Player that broke it.

    I don't know if anyone is interested in chasing down what Flash Player has to do with the CPU fan on the Acer Aspire 5315 but I have it up and running right now.

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    Re: Acer 3515 CPU fan Flash Player conflict

    It's broken again.
    All I did was play one YouTube video and reboot and the fan is inop.
    When I reboot the laptop now, the fan idles for 10 seconds or so and then shuts off.


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