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Thread: Backlight stopped working on Sony VAIO

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    Exclamation Backlight stopped working on Sony VAIO

    My Sony VAIO is experiencing backlight problems with Kubuntu Lucid. I tried to adjust the brightness with the slider to make it a little dimmer, but when I hit "apply," the backlight shut off. I can vaguely see things through the mostly pitch black (especially when the screensaver is on) so I know it's the backlight. If I can't see well enough to edit settings with the GUI, then is there some other way I can reset the configuration to make the backlight work again? I've asked a lot of people for advice about this, but they all seem to want to give advice which assumes I can see the screen well enough to interact with it. This is frustrating.

    PS - I can log in to and use Gnome just fine, in case there's some change I can make from there which would take hold in KDE as well.

    *Update - I have tried to reset the graphics configuration by restarting the X server, but the result is no change.
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