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I can't seem to get my intel graphics to work properly. My AMD graphics will load up just fine, but if I use catalyst to switch to intel, or if I do it via the command line with 'aticonfig --px-igpu' after I restart and login, nothing will display, it is simply the desktop wallpaper. There's no bar along the lefthand side or along the top. To fix it I just restart into the recovery mode and use 'aticonfig --px-dgpu' and then after I restart again everything is working ok.

I'm using 12.04 and have a Lenovo y470p which has a ati 7690m/intel 3000. I would really like to get the intel chip working because my battery life with the 7690m on is HORRIBLE!

I've attached a screenshot of what my catalyst shows as I'm not entirely sure what I have to type to get all of the version numbers etc. to display. I haven't used ubuntu since 7.10, so I am a bit rusty!

Also it should be noted that it is detecting that I have a 7670m, instead of 7690. Not too sure why it's doing that.

This sounds like the exact same problem I have. When you switch to integreated (intel) graphics, try using Unity 2D instead of Unity 3D.

For me, before I loaded fgrlx, intel integrated graphics and Unity3D worked fine. After loading fglrx, whoooohooo, I can now switch between integrated and discrete graphics, BUT, in integrated graphics mode, only Unity2D works.