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Thread: Database backup / restore fresh install

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    Angry Database backup / restore fresh install

    OK, I've really screwed things up with my Mythbuntu install BE&FE on same machine, it was a 10.04 now 11.10 with a 3.2.7 Kernel.

    Somewhere along the upgrade process (remote from 2000 miles away) I ended up with Nouveau sickness with a spot of lightdm-unity poisoning, leaving me with no GUI or local terminal, just remote ssh access. (Mythweb part works).

    Want to achieve
    Time to start from scratch and rebuild with a clean install of 11.10.

    1. How do I backup my database using a remote ssh login to a separate remote server (I've a ftpserver in the house or a windows share).
    2. How do I import said database back into a fresh install ?
    3. Am I going to see issues with database versions or passwords? if so how to I find my db password before wiping the hdd for the fresh install.
    4. Is there any way of saving my current recordings ? It's all on the same HDD.

    Hopefully it's an easy solution but I've not got a clue where to start on this one.

    Thanks in advance of any pointers.

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    Smile Re: Database backup / restore fresh install

    Ok I'm getting somewhere.

    1. I found some db backups at /var/lib/mythtv/db_backups/
    I copied these to a mounted directory on a separate machine.
    2. I beleive there is an import feature I can use once I have a fresh install (either or using the import tool in the MCC GUI).
    3. Unknown if I will have a problem importing with version differences. I found a file mysql.txt which had the db password in plain text.
    4. I'm prepared to lose these

    Now time to bite the bullet and do the fresh install.

    Thanks for listening.

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    Re: Database backup / restore fresh install

    Use "mysqldump --help | more" for detailed options.

    My usage is "mysqldump -u root -p mydatabase > /media/sda1/mydatabase.sql" to dump my database.

    After re-installation of Ubuntu, the command is "mysql -u root -p mydatabase < /media/sda1/mydatabase.sql"

    -p is for password.....


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    Re: Database backup / restore fresh install

    No, wrong answer, the right answer is here:

    whats more the backup script is run weekly in mythbuntu by default through /etc/cron.weekly/mythtv-database.

    You can run that script at any tme to have an up to the second database backup.


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