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Thread: libx264 not being detected

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    Red face libx264 not being detected

    Hello encoders =)

    Right now I'm trying to set my encoding software on ubuntu (11.04) and am having problems with x264.
    I got x264 last version from git and its configure gave me this:
    platform:      X86_64
    system:        LINUX
    cli:           yes
    libx264:       internal
    shared:        no
    static:        no
    asm:           yes
    interlaced:    yes
    avs:           no
    lavf:          yes
    ffms:          no
    gpac:          yes
    gpl:           yes
    thread:        posix
    filters:       resize crop select_every 
    debug:         no
    gprof:         no
    strip:         no
    PIC:           no
    visualize:     no
    bit depth:     8
    chroma format: all
    You can run 'make' or 'make fprofiled' now.
    After compiling and installing I get this from "x264 --version":
    x264 0.120.2164 da19765
    (libswscale 2.1.100)
    (libavformat 54.1.100)
    built on Feb 21 2012, gcc: 4.5.2
    configuration: --bit-depth=8 --chroma-format=all
    x264 license: GPL version 2 or later
    libswscale/libavformat license: LGPL version 2.1 or later
    The problem is that neither ffmpeg or mplayer seem to find this library installed. Both configure scripts say no even when trying --enable-libx264 (ffmpeg simply say I don't have x264 >= 118).

    Other things I found out are that ffmpeg detects everything BUT the encoding features for h264 and my videos with this codec do play fine (VLC Media Player apparently is even using the x264 library itself). Also when I run the script after installing it gives me this:

    #define X264_REV 2164
    #define X264_REV_DIFF 0
    #define X264_VERSION " r2164 da19765"
    #define X264_POINTVER "0.120.2164 da19765"

    Some extra that can be useful:

    Thank you for your attention...
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    Re: libx264 not being detected

    You probably forgot to add --enable-static to your x264 configure, and the FFmpeg configure requires --enable-gpl --enable-libx264. For step-by-step instructions see:

    HOWTO: Install and use the latest FFmpeg and x264
    Howto: Build the svn MPlayer under the latest release version of Ubuntu

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    Re: libx264 not being detected

    Well... I tried to enable static and it begun to be detected, but then I got problems when the compiler got to libx264.

    I don't really understand why, but following the steps on the guide compiling works... Gonna find out later...

    Thanks for your help... Really appreciated.

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