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Thread: shortcut in panel in ubuntu 11.10

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    shortcut in panel in ubuntu 11.10


    in Ubuntu 10.04. I had a shortcut to change keyboard layout. Before that (I think in 9.04), I made link to program setxkbmap in that panel. Now I have Ubuntu 11.10 and I don't know how can I change, what is in the left panel or in the up panel. How can I do shortcuts there? Or do I have to always look for everything in that icon called Dash home?

    Thanks for replies (and please correct my english if it's wrong)

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    Re: shortcut in panel in ubuntu 11.10

    You can add shortcuts to the left panel (launcher) by right clicking on the icon once you have found it from dash and selecting "add to favourites". If an application is open, then you can do the same from the icon for it in the launcher. I don't think you can make shortcuts in the top panel.

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    Re: shortcut in panel in ubuntu 11.10

    In System Settings (see menu under power icon at the top right) you will find a utility called Keyboard layout where you can install another language keyboard layout. This will put an icon of a keyboard in the top panel. Click on that icon and you can change keyboard layouts.

    You can also set keyboard shortcuts to switch keyboard layouts. It is in the same utility under Options>Key(s) to change layouts.

    Open the Dash and type help in the search panel and you will get this:

    Read it.

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