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Thread: Strange theme after a download.

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    Strange theme after a download.

    Hardware Specs:
    Asus A52J Series
    Intel I5 processor
    ATI Radeon 5470 graphic card
    4Gb Ram
    350 Gb HD
    Dual-boot With Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows 7

    Okay guys, I dug myself into a hole with this one. After downloading a file and extracting it from a torrent website ( yes I know this was my first stupid move ) I began to experience some troubles. First, while powering off Scripts showed up on the screen, saying something about a trace. Later, after rebooting, The theme in Ubuntu was changed to look something like Ubuntu 7.04. Pictures are included in this post. The original files I downloaded have been deleted, but to no avail. Any help anyone? Thanks in advance.
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