I definitely encourage the English Commmunity to re-think the links between the Forum and the Wiki.

IMHO, the English community of Ubuntu is loosing a lot of efficiency by not using a Wiki where it should.

In the ubuntuforums, we see a multiplication of "HowTo", "Tutorials", "Megathread", that are indeed all synthesis of the various feedbacks seen in the forum.
As i wrote previously, these synthesis should be written collaboratively, not in the forum, but in a tool designed for such synthesis: a Wiki.
Luckily, there is already an English-speaking Wiki, it's called the "Community Documentation", located here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community

As an example, here is what we do at ubuntu-fr:

1) Ubuntu-fr's forum has a header (disclaimer) that clearly encourages users to search (via the Wiki's search bar) in the Wiki before asking a question. And it also encourages users to improve the Wiki when their problem is solved.
2) At the top of each sub-section of the forum, there is a "sticky thread" (edited by the moderators) which links to the most appropriate page(s) of the wiki.
3) Ubuntu-fr's forum does not have a "Tutorials" subforum. Forum moderators ask contributors to write their tutorials/howto/synthesis in the Wiki. (see this suggestion).
4) In the Wiki pages, we add links to the adequate thread of the forum, so that users can ask complementary questions.
5) Of course, we have Forum moderators, but also Wiki moderators. Indeed, Wiki moderators only control the most visited pages and manage anti-spam tools. The moderation of other pages is done simply by all Wiki contributors. Wiki stuff are discussed on a wiki-contributors mailing-list.

Hope this will help improve the efficiency of the English-speaking Ubuntu Community.