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Thread: Classic gnome is back in 12.04

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    Classic gnome is back in 12.04

    For all of those that loved gnome 2, classic gnome will be available in 12.04 by
    sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback
    It is not just a watered down version of gnome 2, but is pretty much an exact clone of gnome 2, (using it right now) and will be available in regular, and 2D mode. I have attached a screenshot.

    Before, there was Applications, Places, and System menus. Now there are only 2, Applications and Places, with System integrated into the Applications menu. And to add applets (Add to Panel) to the bottom panel, you need to do: Super key-Alt-right click. You can also drag menu items onto the panel for shortcuts.

    So next time someone complains about unity, tell them to wait for 12.04 to get classic gnome back. Plus, people will not need to run old versions of ubuntu to have a gnome 2 like experience. Happy now?
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