Hey there, first off, I am not sure if these kind of questions can be asked here, let alone if they are on the right forum board. Please tell me if I would be doing any wrong with this post.

To describe my problem, yesterday I started a download on my Ubuntu 11.10, but when I came home, I found my PC switched off, and was not able to start again. I know it cannot be a software problem though.

Instead the power supply made a very high-pitched noise, and did not want to start the computer. I disassembled the whole thing, although I could not discover any problem.

Sadly I have not other power supply to test if the rest of the system is working properly. And I do not want to directly order a new power supply before I learned more about this problem.

I did some searching on the internet, but could not discover a reason for this. Some people speak about a 'whining coil', but then your system should start up. Others speak of that the power supply simply broke down, and needs to be replaced.

I was hoping any of you have had some experience with these issues, and would be able to share this knowledge with me.

Thanks in advance.