Can someone tell me how to disable auto resizing of windows. When resizing a window if I make touch the top or the bottom of the screen it'll resize both top and bottom of the window.

I would like to be able to stretch the window all the way to the top, but leave the bottom of the window at specific size, not all the way to the bottom.

I have already tried totally disabling grid in CCSM settings. That doesn't work. Is stops some of the annoying auto-resizing that happens when moving the window. But it doesn't affect the auto-resizing that happens when trying to resize the window.

I reactivated grid and tried fixing this by going into Window Management > Grid > Edges > [Then setting all "Resize Actions" to none. That appears to only duplicate the removing of the auto-resizing when moving the window, not when resizing the window.

Thanks in advance for anyone who might have some input on this. It would be nice to have the option of positing the windows and resizing them to a personal choice rather than having them resized or snapped to an undesired position or shape.

-- L. James

L. D. James