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Thread: lost shared library .. .. trying to repair from Live CD

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    lost shared library .. .. trying to repair from Live CD

    I've been trying to recover a ubuntu 10.10 configuration ..
    after running e2fsck

    I can now boot up but ubuntu goes into tty1 console mode and not to desktop

    when I try to logon I have the message .....

    /bin/logon: error while loading shared libraries
    cannot open shared object file
    no such file or directory
    so I booted up ubuntu Live CD (solved an earlier problem when Try Ubuntu would not click through) and I checked the location of file in the Live CD root ..

    I then looked for same file location in the mounted internal ubuntu root partition which is not starting up ..

    there is no sign of .. which is consistent with the login error

    Any reasons why I might lose a shared library ??

    To avoid a ubuntu reinstallation/repair .. can I try I copying the shared library from the Live CD /lib/ folder into the internal ubuntu root folder?

    How do I copy shared library from Ubuntu Live CD file system into /dev/sda7 .. /lib folder (root partition)?

    At first attempt I'm getting permissions problems when I try that using Nautilus.

    Root partition (/dev/sda7) is mounted on /media/8eeb2f0d-92c7-463e-8961-3a1241fc148a


    Or should I just try to repair the corrupt root and home partitions?


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    Re: lost shared library .. .. trying to repair from Live CD

    Anyone knows the solution for the above problem ?????


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