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I'm honestly not sure if this is the right forum, but i figured this is such a simple question someone here would know. I'm using puppy wary 5 to get files from a broken windows xp system. I can access the internal hard drive but when i plug in an external hard drive and try to copy i get an error: "cp: cannot create regular file `/mnt/sdg1/janece 1979.jpg': Read-only file system" (sdg1 is the external hard drive)

I'm guessing i just have to set it to not be read only... But I can't figure out how.

Thanks in advance.
Make sure the HD is mounted before attempting to copy over the files. Just because the HD is plugged in, it is not necessary mounted. To do so, you can do it in a couple of different ways. Once the HD is plugged in, there might be an icon of the HD on the bottom left corner of the screen. Click the icon, and there should be a little dot indicating that it's mounted. Alternatively, you can click menu - filesystem - pmount (I'm doing this from memory as I'm not using puppy now). Then, assuming it is a USB HD drive you're using, there should be a usb tab. Click that, and your HD should be listed. Then, click mount.

At this point, should should be able to copy files from the internal HD to the external HD.