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Thread: battery usage breakdown

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    battery usage breakdown

    hello fellows,

    my question is easy and surely appeared here before - is there any way in ubuntu to see the battery usage/discharge breakdown among the applications running?
    I mean having accumulated counters like theese:

    "consumption since poweron
    1. chrome browser : 10 000 mWh
    2. libreoffice writer: 1000 mWh
    3. wifi networking 500mWh
    and so on?

    Android devices do things like this (not exactly like this, but in this direction) is there something for ubuntu?

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    Re: battery usage breakdown


    sorry for the bump, but is there anybody who actually might know the answer?

    or is it a firm "NO"?

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    Re: battery usage breakdown

    I am not aware of a program that would break down the power consumption by mWh and application, but powertop is able to show you the applications that cause the most power consumption.


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