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Thread: Useros- Australian pc user

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    Useros- Australian pc user

    Hi all,

    I am having trouble with UserOs that came on the Australian PC User cover disc in September. I am very new to unix and the setting up of a server.

    I have followed most of the directions so far with no real issues, my problem has arisen after I have created my users through Webmin/ Users and Groups.

    I then convert unix users to Samba users, I then edit Samba users and passwords. Then I need to add users to the share folders and it tells me to go to the Samba Windows file sharing and at the top of the page in the share list you will see the share folder I created earlier. ( The folders I created earlier are not there only a printer share! ( which I did not set up)).

    Can anyone tell me where I went wrong?

    I can see the folders in my windows network folder and can access by vnc as well as Webmin.

    Any help is appreciated



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    Re: Useros- Australian pc user

    Thread moved to the "Other OS/Distro Talk" forum.


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