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Thread: need help logging in to remote viewing macbook

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    Exclamation need help logging in to remote viewing macbook

    not truly a linux question, but hear me out please!

    i spilt cider on my macbook a month ago, i know. im abroad and will be for the next month and a half so i dont have the proper tools or i wouldnt be asking for help.

    the macbook turns on, boots up fine, but there keyboard and trackpad do not work. i can ssh in and get my data and back it up. what i would really like to do though is remotely access my laptop from my girlfriends laptop (that im currently writing this on).

    i would be able to set it up but heres the catch, i have a password setup on my macbook, so it only boots to the log in screen. ssh works fine.

    is there a way i can set up vnc or something similar by ssh on a macbook. if it was running ubuntu it would be a whole lot easier but what i have to solve this problem is: a macbook dualbooting ubuntu, and a android phone, and a mouse. haha... i know

    is there an app that turns an android phone into a bluetooth keyboard without server software? (ie installing a program on the computer before hand too work with the phone)

    or can i turn on screen sharing by command line on lion???

    any help would be appreciated.

    or if anyone in the dublin area wants to let me use their usb keyboard for 15 minutes??? haha
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    Re: need help logging in to remote viewing macbook

    The following should help you with the VNC setup:

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