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Thread: Document camera and software

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    Document camera and software

    I can put an autofocusing webcam on my laptop and with Cheese Webcam Booth can almost get document camera funtionality (I want to project a sheet of paper to the data projector screen while I write). The main limitations are 1) resolution is a bit low and 2) the Cheese Webcam Booth viewport is too small when you are close enough to get decent size and resolution -- for about half a page the image is almost what I want. Still fuzzy and too small, but readable for the part that is projected.

    Has anyone a suggestion for putting together a webcam (or other camera) and software to get a document camera? (I'm using Lucid LTS).


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    Re: Document camera and software

    Ditto . . . I have python-whiteboard set up and running. I have an Elmo document camera, but integrating it or replacing it with something that I could integrate into my Ubuntu system would be great.

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