Hey i am fairly new to t he world of linux but have been writing c code for a few years. I am writing a custom kernel module that hooks into netfiltters inside the kernel. I have used the forums before to find answers to my problems other people have already solved though this time i came up short. So I am posting my own thread

I have some code taken from an online example as my_module.c their is a call to include a header file
#include 'rpmp.h'

when I run make on the file (Makefile I am pretty sure is correct)
i get told that the file does not exist in my headers file which is true.

this rpmp.h has many functions which i need to call apparently can anyone tell me what it is and or where I can get the header files to include it.
I am running Ubuntu 11, on kernel linux-3.0.0-12-generic
any help or knowledge of rpmp.h and its functionality would be greatly apreciated as i cant find much online documenting it