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Thread: External Sata Drive issues (Ubuntu 10.10)

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    External Sata Drive issues (Ubuntu 10.10)

    I currently am using Ubuntu 10.10 in a septa-boot arrangement (Windows 7, Ubuntu 10.10, Solaris, Mint, Backtrack 5 R1, Mac OS X 10.6, Suse) on a Toshiba Satellite L305-S5933.

    Today I connected a hard drive, via a USB-to-Sata cable, to my laptop to back up some files from my Laptop (I've done this countless times before with no issue). I moved the files over to the drive and everything looked fine. I played one of the MP3 files (a lecture I recorded from college) from the drive and after I closed VLC, the screen flashed. Odd but nothing seemed out of order.

    I opened the Hard Drive via Ubuntu and found that none of the files or folders I had moved over were now showing! I immediately went to my trash can thinking that since I hadn't deleted the files from the laptop yet, I could re-copy them to the hard drive.

    When I restored the files to my laptop from the trash and tried copying them over, Linux asked me if I wanted to overwrite the files and if they were still there but just invisible. I agreed. Copying complete but still the files/folders were not showing up on the hard drive.

    I safely removed the drive, shut off power to the drive, powered it back up and hooked it back up to the laptop. Still no files or folders.

    Rebooted the laptop into Windows 7 and the hard drive showed the files and folders were there, accessible, and usable (media files played fine, document files opened fine, pictures were ok).

    Back to Ubuntu. Nothing.

    Anyone able to suggest what I might be able to do so ubuntu can see the files again?

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    Re: External Sata Drive issues (Ubuntu 10.10)

    If it is a simple thing that I have missed, I would be happy to know. I'm still new when it comes to the command line though I have some basic understanding of it.


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