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Thread: Passwordless SSH (using keys) not working (typical noob question)

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    Passwordless SSH (using keys) not working (typical noob question)

    I could SWEAR I'm doing this correctly. I have 2 computers on my home network. One running os X, one running linux. (Yes, I know this is the ubuntu forums, but it's the only linux forums I'm part of.) I want to connect to the linux box using passwordless ssh for scripts and stuff. Here are the steps I followed.

    For reference, I'm going to refer to the computers as the SERVER (linux box) and the CLIENT (os X box). SSH is installed correctly on the server as I can successfully ssh into the box. (Pretty obvious.)

    First I ssh into both boxs from the other box to add the .ssh folder correctly and put each other in the known_hosts file.

    Then, on the client, I generate keys using

    ssh-keygen -t rsa
    Or whatever variation I feel like using. I don't put a password on the keys as this is on my local network, and I'm not really that worried about people breaking in to my client box and stealing the key.

    So I hit enter thrice.

    Then I scp over the .pub key to the server as the authorized_keys file using

    (In the .ssh directory)

    scp user@server:~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    (no other authorized keys there yet, so it's ok for me to just create the file)

    Then I chmod 600 the authorized keys file (no idea why, was following a tutorial)

    So I get this far and I can log in just fine using

    ssh user@server
    It asks for my password and I enter it and it works fine.

    Then I log in as root and go to /etc/ssh and edit the sshd_config file, changing these three values.

    PermitRootLogin        yes
    PasswordAuthentication    yes
    UsePAM            yes
    To "no".

    Then I restart the ssh server on the server and try to log in from the client.


    ssh -v user@server
    I get this as the result

    Aether:.ssh user$ ssh -v user@server
    OpenSSH_5.2p1, OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011
    debug1: Reading configuration data /etc/ssh_config
    debug1: Connecting to server[server] port PORT.
    debug1: Connection established.
    debug1: identity file /Users/user/.ssh/identity type -1
    debug1: identity file /Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa type 1
    debug1: identity file /Users/user/.ssh/id_dsa type -1
    debug1: Remote protocol version 2.0, remote software version OpenSSH_5.5p1 Debia                                                                             n-6+squeeze1
    debug1: match: OpenSSH_5.5p1 Debian-6+squeeze1 pat OpenSSH*
    debug1: Enabling compatibility mode for protocol 2.0
    debug1: Local version string SSH-2.0-OpenSSH_5.2
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT sent
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEXINIT received
    debug1: kex: server->client aes128-ctr hmac-md5 none
    debug1: kex: client->server aes128-ctr hmac-md5 none
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_REQUEST(1024<1024<8192) sent
    debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_GROUP
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_INIT sent
    debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_KEX_DH_GEX_REPLY
    debug1: Host 'server' is known and matches the RSA host key.
    debug1: Found key in /Users/user/.ssh/known_hosts:6
    debug1: ssh_rsa_verify: signature correct
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS sent
    debug1: expecting SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS received
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_REQUEST sent
    debug1: SSH2_MSG_SERVICE_ACCEPT received
    debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey
    debug1: Next authentication method: publickey
    debug1: Trying private key: /Users/user/.ssh/identity
    debug1: Offering public key: /Users/user/.ssh/id_rsa
    debug1: Authentications that can continue: publickey
    debug1: Trying private key: /Users/user/.ssh/id_dsa
    debug1: No more authentication methods to try.
    Permission denied (publickey).
    Question: Why is it trying id_rsa and not The public key is the one I transferred over to the server for the authorized hosts file....

    I'm just really annoyed at this, I've semed to have done everything correctly, but it still doesn't work.

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    Re: Passwordless SSH (using keys) not working (typical noob question)

    Meh, figured it out. First off I was using a previously generated key for another ssh connection with a different (non default) name. So if I ssh -i name_of_identiy it worked. However, that key was protected by a password, so I just made a new set of keys and set those up and it worked just fine.

    Sorry for the useless post. Well, hopefully it'll help someone.

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    Re: Passwordless SSH (using keys) not working (typical noob question)

    It'll be even more helpful if you mark it [SOLVED].
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