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    Re: Samsung Series 5 ULTRA NP530U3B

    Hi there folks,

    I'm running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (w/Gnome shell) on my brand new NP530U3B. Tried 12.10 (also UGR) first, but got a persistent kernel panic issue, so I downgraded it for a more stable release and have no major problems so far.

    In order to install Ubuntu, I had to upgrade BIOS version using the .exe file from samsung website, then disabled "Fastboot" on BIOS and changed the boot order sequence putting the USB Flash in first place on the list.

    Once installed, most things worked well out of the box, including the trackpad and most of the Fn keys, apart from Settings (Fn+F1), Fan (Fn+F11) and Wireless (Fn+F12). The last two were fixed by adding the "Linux on My Samsung" PPA, and then installing 'samsung-tools' and 'samsung-laptop' from there.

    The only issue I found and couldn't fix yet is the power status (charging/discharging) on the top panel, as previously reported by stlehmann.:

    Quote Originally Posted by stlehmann View Post
    EDIT: when i plug or unplug AC the status in the change panel takes a while 5min or so
    In my case, however, instead of taking ~5min, the battery status on the top panel doesn't change at all when I plug/unplug the AC, unless I reboot the device. Does anyone has a fix for this?

    Have researched a lot, but no luck so far

    [EDIT]: The Fn Lock key is also dead. Have found that on samsung-tools settings, it's possible to add key combos to enable/disable webcam and bluetooth as well, features which doesn't seems to have been intended for this specific device.
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