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Thread: (backtrack)Setting up Bluetooth Backtrack 5 R1 KDE

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    (backtrack)Setting up Bluetooth Backtrack 5 R1 KDE

    my bluetooth dongle is a Rocketfish RF-MRBTAD.
    my problem is that i manually installed bluetooth stuff, and may not have done it correctly. originally, when i open bluetooth manager, I get an error saying: "CONNECTION TO BLUEZ FAILED.Bluez deamon is not running, blueman-manager cannot continue.". when i type "bluetoothd -u" in the terminal, it fixes that. But when i try to pair my headphones (motorola S805) it asks for a pin code, i type it in (0000) and then it says "failed to connect". I have confirmed it works in ubuntu 10.10 on a live cd. I need to get it working on backtrack 5 R1 installed on my laptop.
    note: blueman, and blueZ are both installed.
    also note: I am a new member. I have searched for help. I do not know what section to post in. Please be kind.
    I tried to post on backtrack forums, but, i got a rude moderator, and he gave me 2 infractions, 1 for double posting (i didnt think it posted, because the page wouldnt load, then said the site was under construction) the other infraction was for posting in the wrong section. Whenever i unknowingly post in the wrong section of a forum, the moderator always kindly moves it for me., so...
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