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Thread: ZSNES and Gens/GS 64-bit binaries

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    Smile ZSNES and Gens/GS 64-bit binaries

    I have created ZSNES and Gens/GS binaries for the 64-bit platform for the emulation of Super Nintendo / Super Game Boy and Sega Genesis / 32X / Sega CD.

    All I did was modify... practically the entire control files for each package. Far as I know both are current and up-to-date. Gens/GS is understandable since it's been not updated since 2008. But ZSNES? You try installing it. It's there, yes, but still, go ahead and try, see what happens. Enough said.

    ZSNES, modified from Debian Wheezy's available copy for AMD64:
    Mediafire [External link]

    Gens/GS, with an updated control file:
    Mediafire [External link]

    For the future, when I am not around to maintain and upload possible updated versions, Build it yourself, or if someone made a 32-bit build, do the following:
    1. Download the package into it's own folder
    2. Open a terminal and navigate to said folder
    3. dpkg-deb -x $TMP $PKG.deb ($TMP = Whatever you name it, $PKG = Package name)
    4. dpkg-deb --control $PKG.deb
    5. Edit control file in /DEBIAN (gedit DEBIAN/control)
    6. move DEBIAN into $TMP (mv DEBIAN $TMP)
    7. Back to terminal, dpkg -b $TMP $NEWPKG.deb ($NEWPKG = Whatever you name it.)
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