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Thread: The Lenovo Ideapad U260: a good choice for 11.10?

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    The Lenovo Ideapad U260: a good choice for 11.10?

    Hi, I'm planning on buying the Lenovo Ideapad U260 in its Core i7 iteration - so processing power should be no problem.

    My question is whether anyone has installed Ubuntu 11.10 (and/or the 12.04 alpha) on this device, what their experiences might be, if they've run into serious problems, and whether they can advice any good workarounds. I intend to make 11.10 my main OS; I'll probably leave it as a double boot since having W7 allows me to sync my iPad properly.

    Some background: I come from an Mac / OS X background (in fact, this will be the first non-mac I will use as my main machine since 1989) but having Ubuntu on my work machine (and being unhappy with a lot of recent Apple choices) has convinced me to give it a go. And the U260 really is a beaut.

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    Re: The Lenovo Ideapad U260: a good choice for 11.10?

    Ubuntu works great on the U260 - my only complaint has been the microphone (still looking for drivers). Oh and the battery life is as bad as they say (only 2 hours). But SuperTuxCart runs great!

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    Re: The Lenovo Ideapad U260: a good choice for 11.10?

    I have the u260 i5 version. I am trying to use 12.04 on it. My only issue seems to be wifi.

    I get connected to my router but not really.

    Shows great signal but no actual connection. even though I get an IP from the router.

    Sometimes restarting network-manager and networking will get it o work. other times it doesnt. at all.

    Anyone run into that issue? I have been searching for any help and cant seem to find anything.

    *** Update upgraded to 13.04 (Clean install) No more wifi issues. Only now bluetooth software does not see the adapter, but does identify that I have one? so it leaves the bluetooth software running.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to get the bluetooth to work on this model laptop.
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