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Thread: Faster flash and mkv decoding? Aspire One 722

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    Faster flash and mkv decoding? Aspire One 722

    Hi there,

    I recently bought this Acer Aspire One 722 and I have used it for around two weeks under Windows 7 Ultimate X64. Everything runs smooth on it except for when playing 1080p videos in .MKV format or Youtube.

    So now, I finally got to dual boot both Win7 and Ubuntu 11.10. I love Linux! but some things I cannot get over is flash and high resolution video.

    In Windows I use the CCCP codec pack and it plays 720p videos smoothly with Windows Media Player or Media Player Classic. With Linux I downloaded the codecs and play 720p videos using MPlayer and it plays quite rough, also youtube videos are almost unplayable, full screen will flicker. I also used VLC player and that player just does not decode the picture correctly. Blotches and discoloration for random pixels of the screen.

    My question here is... What would be the reason for that? and If it is possible to tweak it to run smoother?
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