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Thread: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

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    Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    Is there a way to add folders to the launcher? i can only get programs to work.....

    technically, i can add the folder icon to the launcher, but the icon does not work in dash or launcher.......

    Nothing would happen when icon is clicker.

    I opened up Main Menu in the dash, and edited icon to launch in terminal.....

    the error i get is this, by using icon in the dash or launcher......

    There was an error creating the child process for this terminal

    Failed to execute child process "file:///host/Documents0and0Settings/BAD/My0Documents " (No such file or directory)
    this is a folder of my documents on XP.......but i think any folder will give me this problem...

    .I have also tried making a link to folder, and then adding link to launcher but that still does not work

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    Re: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    One option is to add the folder to the Home Folder in the Launcher. If you right-click on the Home Folder icon you open various folders and add your own.

    Copy 'Home Folder' launcher file to your home directory:

    mkdir ~/.local/share/applications
    cp /usr/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop ~/.local/share/applications
    Open the file for editing in gedit:

    gedit ~/.local/share/applications/nautilus-home.desktop
    Delete the following line from the file:
    Add this text to the bottom of the file. change the 'Name' and the folder you wish to open. Place the folder name/path after nautilus in the 'Exec' line. In this example I am opening the bzr folder in my Home directory. When done save and close:

    Exec=nautilus bzr
    Log out and log in again to see the changes.

    Here are more quicklists you can add to the launcher.
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    Re: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    ok, i got that to work, but i tried to get My Documents from XP install in does not appear.....

    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=Home Folder
    Comment=Open your personal folder

    X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts=Videos;Documents;Music;Pictures;Download s
    [Videos Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Videos

    [Documents Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Documents

    [Music Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Music

    [Pictures Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Pictures

    [Downloads Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus Downloads

    [My Documents Shortcut Group]
    Name=My Documents
    Exec=nautilus/host/Documents and Settings/BAD/My Documents

    not working


    had to edit file and add "my documents"
    X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts=Videos;Documents;Music;Pictures;Download s;My Documents
    also i got a lot of errors.....after it appeared in task bar
    Could not find "/home/bad/My."
    Please check the spelling and try again.
    All I had to do was, create a shortcut to my documents and I choose to put it in /home/{your computer name}/
    I then renamed the folder to "My" becuase there error it gave me....(error was that /home/bad/My Documents is too long!!!!!!!)
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    Re: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    works like a champ......

    rename My Documents Link to My, (glitch if too long)

    then put link in home/(computer name)/

    X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts=Videos;Documents;Music;Pictures;Download s;MyDocuments

    [MyDocuments Shortcut Group]
    Exec=nautilus My Documents
    notes: make sure you have no spaces beofre or after "My" link after you change the name from "My Documents".......example: " My " is incorrect, "My" is correct........

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    Re: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    The name (title) "My Documents" should be ok there, but to get the Exec= line to work try it as
    Exec=nautilus file:///home/<yourusername>/My\ Documents
    The exec line is what is failing because of the space in the Foldername, the \ symbol in the code above is an escape sequence for the space in the path.

    I tend to avoid using spaces in foldernames instead replacing them with a dash (-) to avoid this style of problem.

    (glitch if too long)
    no, just doesn't tolerate spaces in the path, typical of the terminal as well. You can retain the full folder title "My Documents" with the space if you use the escape sequence in the exec line, if you wish to.

    Edit: just tested further and the escape sequence in the exec line allows nautilus to open the My Documents folder here from the Unity Launcher. The "X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts=" entry and the shortcut group ([My Documents Shortcut Group]) tolerate the space in them ok.
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    Re: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    ok....thanks........did not know the proper the way, they way i had, would cause two folders to pop up when i click my doucments......

    Exec=nautilus My Documents
    this causes documents, and my documents to open at the same time....

    Exec=nautilus My

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    Re: Adding Folders to Launcher 11.10

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Gates Foundation View Post
    Exec=nautilus My Documents
    The folder Documents already exists as a System provided user folder and if you created a folder "My" (? did you ?) then I would expect that command to try opening 2 folders both in your home folder (where the system defaults the terminal to.)

    Try it just as

    Exec=nautilus My\ Documents
    and this should call only one folder. My previous post included the absolute path for "My Documents", I expect it should work from here, that is how you escape a space in a path in terminal. This should integrate your folder "My Documents" in your home folder.

    Edit: checked and it works here.
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