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Thread: Cheap webcam that works

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    Cheap webcam that works

    This Forum is to let everyone know that I have bought a webcam for radio shack. The reason I get is to use it with Skype. I was not shore if it will work, but it was on sale for $13. So I took a chances. This webcam work, I did not have to do nothing just fix the volume level. The webcam brand name in radio shack is Gigaware a 1.3 mega pixs, the model is 25-1178 red. There is a black and blue I believe. The other models are 25-1177 and 25116 which is the other colors.
    I have Asrock mb 880GMH/USB3 with AMD Phenom II X4. I do not known if that makes the difference. I also have the AMD drivers install on the system.
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