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Thread: Send active nautilus window back to widget layer\.

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    Smile Send active nautilus window back to widget layer\.

    Hey there everyone,
    I've been exploring around compiz's widget layer (using screenlets) and I was wondering if I may be able to send the active nautilus window to the widget layer?! Say, I want to middle-click on the title bar of the a nautilus window and have it disappeared and sent back to my widget's layer. Does anyone know how one might be able to achieve this? I'm sure there's a way..there always has been!
    Any help would be appreciated,
    [using oneiric]

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    Re: Send active nautilus window back to widget layer\.

    Solved it myself...wasn't that hard actually!
    I just used xprop to grab a window's title and then passed it to compiz's widget layer plugin through gconftool-2. This way I wouldn't be even bound to the "active nautilus" window, but any window on the screen because xprop can grab any window's title!!
    a simple file like this:
    new="$(xprop WM_NAME | cut -d \" -f2)"
    old="$(gconftool-2 --get /apps/compiz-1/plugins/widget/screen0/options/match)"
    target=$old" | "$new
    gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/compiz-1/plugins/widget/screen0/options/match "$target"
    then all I had to do was to assign some key bindings to the file in CompizConfig Settings Manager.
    Also added one for getting all the windows back to the normal layer with:
    gconftool-2 --type string --set /apps/compiz-1/plugins/widget/screen0/options/match ""
    Worked like a charm! \.
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