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Thread: Script for printers.conf?

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    Script for printers.conf? [SOLVED]

    Hello everyone! I'm new to ubuntu and a lil bit scripting, though I'm in a hurry to get a proper fix to my problem. Just want to point out this script has to be able to work on other computers aswell with ubuntu installed.

    What i want to do is make a script that runs from the Desktop and goes to printers.conf in /etc/cups and edit a string and replace it. So far what I've done is creating two script files.

    one that contains stopping cups, then using sed to replace the name i want and then booting up cups service again.

    Doing so requires sudo command, so it asks for the password, so I type it in. After doing so the script fails doing what i want. So i created another script file that says "sudo ./" and it works. But i want it to be in the same file.

    I'm sorry if it's fuzzy.

    Any help appreciated.

    [Edit: Problem solved]

    // Vollz
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