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Thread: Ungrouping items in unity bar

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    Ungrouping items in unity bar

    Hey all, I was wondering if there is a way to ungroup the items in the unity bar, for example if I have two pdfs open, Id like to see two separate items on the bar and possibly also tell the difference between them by maybe a title.

    Thanks all! good day.
    (Using Ubuntu 11.10)

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    Re: Ungrouping items in unity bar

    I'm very interested too. This function should exist to save several clicks and time when you need to switch from an instance to another from the same program.

    (using ubuntu 12.04)

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    Re: Ungrouping items in unity bar

    I don't know if it is possible to ungroup windows in the Unity Launcher. In fact, I use gnome-shell rather than Unity but one thing I like in the gnome-shell spread/scale view is that there are labels on the windows. So for your second question, you can enable this in Unity as well if you start ccsm and enable the scale addons plugin and then enable window titles for all windows (at least in 12.04).

    So the second click on the Unity launcher will show scale views of both pdf files with labels on them to choose between them easier.

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    Re: Ungrouping items in unity bar

    I has the same question as the OP. I created a brainstorm idea here:

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