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Thread: Ubuntu won't work. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ubuntu won't work. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I used wubi on my laptop to download Ubuntu to run it with windows 7, and it looked like it down loaded just fine, but when I start it up it shows the screen with the 5 dots and then goes to a black screen and doesn't do anything. it also says before the 5 dot screen "prefix not set and not webuildr if that has anything to do with the problem. I am new to Ubuntu so please keep that in mind when replying please

    and also I'm running a i5 intel core processor and pretty good graphic drive (sorry I do not know what kind it is)
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    Re: Ubuntu won't work. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I have never ran wubi, but a search shows this to be a common issue. If you cannot get this resolved, you may want to consider dual boot.

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