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Thread: How to move your Wine "C Drive"

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    Smile How to move your Wine "C Drive"

    Okay, read quite a few threads about how to do this, but none of them
    satisfactory, so I did some of my own experimenting. I'm writing each
    step down that works as I do them, so as to show that it should work for
    you all.

    First, open File Browser and press CTRL-h to unhide the contents
    of your Home directory.

    Move the "drive_c" folder of your /home/user_name/.wine folder
    to the alternate hard drive of your choice. Once it's there go to it's icon,
    right click on it and chose to "Make Link."

    Third, remove the .wine folder from your Home directory so as to make this
    transition 100% clean. (I'm a bit obessive-compulsive about these things, but
    I still recommend it.) You'll have to remove things as root. Some directories
    won't go quietly until they are emptied, so empty them as needs before
    deleting the folders.

    Fourth, at this point, you should have no .wine folder at all. Now, at the
    command line, run Winecfg and let it do it's thing. Close it when done.

    Open your newly recreated .wine folder and rename the "drive_C" folder to
    "drive_c1". You'll now want to put the link to your moved drive_c folder
    in this new .wine folder and rename it "drive_c". This should, when you
    go to Applications/Wine/Browse C:\ Drive take you to the "drive_c" folder
    that you moved.

    Lastly, go into the drive_c folder you moved and find and make a link to
    the Program Files folder. Cut it. Go back to the .wine folder in your Home and
    rename the Program Files folder there to "Program Files1". Paste the link
    and rename it "Program Files".

    Once the links are established, you can remove the "c_drive1" folder from
    your .wine folder. Wine will use those just fine.

    Tried installing something simple like Note Tab Light off an old PC World CD
    to see where Wine would install programs installed after this fiasco and
    it properly found the moved drive_c Program Files folder. Everquest did so
    as well.

    Hope this helps!

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    Talking Re: How to move your Wine "C Drive"

    Thanks Bud!
    Registered Linux User #506299

    Nicolas M. Perrault

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    Re: How to move your Wine "C Drive"

    I'm running KDE, and Dolphin file manager doesn't seem to have the option "make a link".
    Does anyone knows how to solve this issue?

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