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Thread: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

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    Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

    After many attempts; I have successfully enabled my DCP-J315W Brother printer - hope the following method will be helpful to others

    Brother Printer DCP-J315W install on 64 bit 11.10 usb & wireless

    It is best to Set up in Unity
    1 Install ia32-libs from Software centre
    2 sudo apt-get install tcsh from terminal
    3 Copy or download lpr and cupswrapper drivers onto 'desktop' – ie;
    cd Desktop in terminal (' cd Desktop ' )
    5 sudo mkdir /var/spool/lpd in terminal
    6 sudo dpkg -i –force-all dcpj315wlpr-1.1.3-1.i386.deb in terminal
    7 sudo mkdir /usr/share/cups/model in terminal
    8` sudo dpkg -i –force-all dcpj315wcupswrapper-1.1.3-1.i386.deb in terminal
    9 http://localhost:631 in firefox to see printer & check it shows a driver. (ie 'Brother DCP-J315W CUPS (color, 2-sided printing)')
    10 Reboot PC
    10 System ---- Administration ---- Printing
    11 For usb connection;-

    'Add' – ' ' – 'select Brother printer shown ie DCPJ315W' – follow 'forward ' – 'Apply'– print test page.

    12 For wireless connection:-
    'Add' – 'Find Network Printer -enter the ip address (ie192.168.1.50 in my case) – click 'find' – 'select 'jet direct' and 'LPD/LPR PASSTHROUGH' – follow 'forward' – 'Apply'

    print test page

    Scanner Install
    1 Copy or download drivers onto desktop (must be 64amd drivers) ie;brscan3-0.2.11-4.amd64.deb (this installs [B]/usr/lib64/ needed later)[ brscan-skey-0.2.1-3.amd64.deb
    2 Instal drivers through Software Centre (make sure any 386 drivers removed first)
    3 lsusb in terminal to get printer id -ie 04f9 ; 0254 Brother Industries......

    4 sudo gedit /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules in terminal (or use 'sudo nautilus' in terminal to access file through file system)
    5 Add at end of printer list ( just before line “# The following rule...”) the following;-
    # Brother scanners
    ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes"
    6 sudo dpkg -l | grep Brother to check drivers installed

    7 Copy files from /usr/lib64/ to /usr/lib/.
    Copy one line at a time using in terminal:-
    sudo cp /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib
    sudo cp /usr/lib64/sane/ /usr/lib/sane
    sudo cp /usr/lib64/sane/ /usr/lib/sane
    sudo cp /usr/lib64/sane/ /usr/lib/sane
    sudo cp /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib
    sudo cp /usr/lib64/ /usr/lib
    8reboot PC.
    9 Test scan with Simplescan and/or Xsane

    I also found this procedure is likely to be required to install other DCP printers -ie DCP 153C which I got working on 64 bit
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    Re: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

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    Re: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

    Did you mannage to get the scanner working via Wlan ??

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    Re: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

    Yes - printing and scanning all worked correctly -(a little slow before printing or scanning starts but it did work fine both with simplscan and xsane).
    I have also found that the procedure I used is needed on 64 bit for other dcp printers ie dcp 153c which I also got working correctly.
    You must add the additional lines of text [ # Brother scanners
    ATTRS{idVendor}=="04f9", ENV{libsane_matched}="yes" ] in /lib/udev/rules.d/40-libsane.rules.
    You can also access the file using 'sudo nautilus' in a terminal. Dont forget to save changes. If this line is not added; nothing will happen at all when trying to scan.
    Apologies for late reply.

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    Re: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10


    "3 lsusb in terminal to get printer id -ie 04f9 ; 0254 Brother Industries......"

    I don't have the printer listed... the printer is working fine, the scanner is not, but I can't go any further because I don't have the printer id...

    any ideas?

    Thank you,


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    Re: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

    ........not sure if you are still out there Bruno.......

    but to get the printer ID;

    enter the command

    in a terminal, and hit the enter key

    eg my scanner shows as

    Bus 004 Device 002: ID 04a9:2206 Canon, Inc. CanoScan N650U/N656U

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    Re: Brother DCP-J315W - usb and wireless - 11.10

    For Dutch people:
    Instellen van de Brother DCP-J315W

    Na alle fori afgezocht te hebben naar een makkelijke protocol om een printer als de Brother DCP-J315W in te stellen ben ik ten einde raad de Brother Solution Center Nederland gaan bellen. Dit gesprek verliep uiterst teleurstellend. Als Linux gebruiker werd ik in staat geacht zelf een oplossing te vinden. Dus wij Linuxers zijn slimmer dan de Mac gebruikers en nog slimmer dan de Windowers. Dus heb ik mij wat meer verdiept in de materie. Allereerst bedank ik vor hun inbreng. Het meeste van mij is met behulp van hen.

    We moeten het volgende doen. De drivers installeren en daarna CUPS via de browser gebruiken. Klinkt ingewikkeld maar is het niet.
    De → verwijzen naar de volgende keus.
    Daar gaat ie:

    1. Ga via de rowser naar Brother Solution Center.
    → DCP → DCP-J3 serie → DCP-J315W → linux → printer-driver → DCP-J315W
    → lpr-driver.deb download → accept → install.
    2. cupswrapper.driver.deb download → accept → install
    3. Nu je er toch bent, installeer dan ook de brscan3-32bit of 64bit
    4 en de scan-key-tool 32bit of 64 bit.
    5. ga met de browser naar http://localhost:6631 en log in
    6, dit ziet DCP-J315W (color, 2 sided printer)
    7. herstart de computer.

    Systeemmenu → afdrukbeheer Er staat nu een printer klaar met als eigenschappen:
    Omschrijving DCPJ315W
    Locatie thuis (mijn visie)
    apparaat URI: usb:/dev/usb/lp0
    merk en model Brother DCP-J315W CUPS
    printer status inactief

    Nu de WIFI
    Ga weer naar CUPS
    Add printer en log in
    Kies Dicovered networkprinter Brother DCP-J315W (Brother DCPJ315W)
    → continue en kies uit de database Brother DCP-J315W (eng)
    We zien:
    Name Brother DCP-J315W
    Description lan (mijn visie)
    connection lpd:////BINARY_P1
    Herstart computer
    Systeemmenu → Instellingbeheerder → Afdrukbeheer
    9. Verander lpd:///BINARY_P1 in lpd://192,168,001,226 (maar dan die van uw printer)/BINARY_P1
    10.Druk testpagina af



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