Why has simple scan, which I believe become the default scanning application in ubuntu?
I have since changed to using gscan2pdf. gscan2pdf works perfectly with my network scanner on my samsung clx 3175fn printer.
I believe Ubuntu has made the wrong decision for having simple scan as the default scanning application in ubuntu 12.04, and that it should be changed to gscan2pdf.
if there were to be any further development on scanning in the future in ubuntu, I would highly recommend at the next ubuntu development summit for developers to have a look at gscan2pdf, and its features, to see how they can be integrated into ubuntu as the default scanning application and not simple scan.
The only criticism I can give is that it is bigger than simple scan. It takes up space on your hardrive. If anybody know's why.. i am interested in finding out.
It would be great if there was active discussion on this issue.. and how it could be resolved, because I think a lot of students, businesses, and photographers use scanners, and it should be integrated into ubuntu, with the easiest quickest solution, which currently at the moment is gscan2pdf.