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Thread: Video is realy fast and no sound

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    Re: Video is realy fast and no sound

    Xylophone did a reinstall to 11.10, so that would have restored the .pulse folder, as well as everything else.

    You don't have to delete the .pulse folder, you can just rename it. Either way, once there isn't a .pulse folder, a new one will be generated with default settings, so you would have to redo any settings. I should have been more specific about what to do with it. If you go into your home folder in your file browser, and under 'view' check hidden folders you'll see all the hidden folders, which have a '.' in front of them (sounds like you figured that out already). Since its your user folder, you don't need root permission, so you can just right click and select rename. You might need to logout and back in or even restart. If it doesn't fix anything you can always rename the original folder back to '.pulse'.

    Seems like we're 0-1 on this fixing anything, but if all you do is rename .pulse, you can always name it back if it doesn't do what you want.

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    Smile Re: Video is realy fast and no sound

    Thanks a lot!!

    this did it indeed. Congratulations to you. I'm of to watch a movie now.

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    Talking Re: Video is realy fast and no sound

    Thanks Johnny Buffalkill, I was having this problem (fast video, mute sound) after updating my kernel version at Linux Mint 14. Renaming/deleting the ~/.pulse folder and rebooting the system solved my problem.

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